Monday, January 12, 2009

Wait a minute...

I have discovered something. Yesterday when I clicked the "publish post" button, Kismet took on a little life of its own. After publishing a post I usually will review it one last time on the blog itself. But I can't take it back (at least not to those who subscribe). Now, don't get me wrong. I haven't written anything in my blog that I would take back. One thing that I have learned from years of being a therapist, a 12 stepper, and a Quaker is to let your life speak. There is personal power in speaking and living your truth. That being said, how I live and speak my truth is also something I must sit with and wait a minute (or two or three) before moving forward. What I publish (so weird to write that word when it's just a "click") is read mostly by people I know and love. So after clicking yesterday it came to me that I have many girlfriends that may think to themselves, "Am I not sister material?". And my answer to that is "Of course you are!" but I clicked too quickly to acknowledge all my chosen sisters. And I am sure I have clicked too quickly, spoken too quickly and acted too quickly on many other occasions. Sometimes I am made aware of my missteps and can make amends. But other times people can remain silent and I, many times, am unaware of how my own choices have affected other people. This is when I ask you to speak your truth. As painful as that may be to me it is your truth. And just as I hope you can honor my truth as mine, please give me the gift of being able to honor your truth as yours.
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Anonymous said...

Okay, as long as I'm sister material too, girlfriend! I was starting to get a little jealous.

Oh, and the saying is: "Chance is a fool's word for fate!" - said with a deep and mysterious intonation. Of course, kismet is also another word for fate, so take your pick.