Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Limos for Learning!


Local celebrity, Gavin Kiley, was recently seen getting out of a conspicuous white limo around one o'clock last Monday at Clinton Elementary. Rumor has it that he advanced five reading levels this past semester. This reading star was returning from a red carpet event where he was honored along with other amazing readers. The Limos for Learning event rewards young readers who make steady, conscientious efforts to improve their reading skills. It's a program that recognizes every kid who demonstrates a determination to improve.


When Gavin found out he had been awarded the Limos for Learning Certificate you would have thought he had won the lottery. But we know how much he has worked at improving his reading skills this year. The lottery is pure luck. What Gavin "won" was through persistence and practice. He had educators and supporters who helped him get back on track when he got frustrated. Is he a voracious reader now? Would he rather be reading a book than playing outside? No. It's still a struggle to get him to read. But now when he sits down to read, he reads. Not me, not his dad but Gavin does the reading. That makes him a star in our eyes.


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honorary uncle Jonathan said...

That's fantastic! Congrats, Gavin! Good for you.