Monday, June 28, 2010

Can it be that my baby is five years old?: Surprise!

And I've got birthday party pictures to prove it. After great gnashing of baby teeth, she decided that she wanted a Rainbow birthday party (I'm not sure why I capitalized rainbow. Maybe I'm finally giving it the respect it deserves). But before the official birthday party kicked off on the actual anniversary of this dear girl's birth a surprise birthday party was thrown for her the weekend before. And it was cause for celebration because we finally got some cousin action down here. Cousins, Aunt L. and Uncle K. and Gramma descended on our little house and we partied.

Clearly she wasn't expecting this when she came in from playing.

"I've always wanted a cookie pizza!" -Anna

Aunt L. and Anna get her itty bitty twin dressed in her new birthday clothes

Gramma Cece and the girls!

5th bday mosaic
I swear there is a story in these pictures! Happy cousins, uninvited giraffe man comes to party, dress up gone bad... we laughed, gossiped, chased kids around, and all around celebrated being together. Is it any surprise we had a great time?
Can it be that my baby is five years old?: Surprise!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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