Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Revolutionary Holiday - Thanksgiving Part Two

Only in South Carolina would they name a town, Ninety Six. Where do you live? Oh, Ninety Six. It's like saying you live in Letter "P". The history of the name is unclear. There are several speculations as to why they named it Ninety Six. As I type this I'm beginning to reconsider the "only in South Carolina" theory. Case in point: Hoosier. Need I say more? Maybe my home state and my current state have something in common...say it ain't so Joe.

But I digress. Let's get back to our visit to Ninety Six National Historic Site while the Kileys ventured to the whoopee cushion of America. Oh man, I should have greeted them with my clown shoes and water squirting boutonniere when they arrived. Damn, another opportunity missed.

Well, South Carolina is chock full of National historic sites featuring either Revolutionary War battles or Civil War battles. And Ninety Six used to be a village in the 1700s that was eventually burned to the ground by the Loyalists. At the site they have trails explaining how the battles there were fought. There are also a few buildings that assist in recreating the village feel. For those of you who have been to Conner Prairie in Indiana just imagine a tiny little part of the living village...itty bitty. The weekend the Hoosier Kileys were here Nine-Six was having a Colonial Holiday Reenactment and it was free. There was something for everybody.

When we first arrived we met this soldier. I can't remember whose side he was on. I've slept since then. I really look interested don't I?
2010-11 Thanksgiving in Clinton - 17
Actually, I was more interested in this little guy right by his foot.


Now before you all rush to the comments to leave dirty jokes, I must stop you. For I am truly intrigued with the variety of mushrooms in South Carolina. This one is called "stinkhorn" I guess the heat and humidity create the perfect breeding ground for fungi. This guy lost his life to the revolutionary soldier who was telling us all about his, cough, cough, fire arm.

Soon we were off to the trail.

2010-11 Thanksgiving in Clinton - 18

The kids tried their hands at making pomanders the Colonial way.

2010-11 Thanksgiving in Clinton - 22

In the cabin we got to experience what it would have been like at the inn during the 1700's complete with Styrofoam cups.

2010-11 Thanksgiving in Clinton - 23

And the innkeeper's wife...


But quite honestly we had had enough of the kids. Something had to be done. Perhaps they had the answer to unruly children 1700's style.

2010-11 Thanksgiving in Clinton - 25

It was a great way to start the holidays...simply and with family.


I hope yours was just as memorable as ours this year.
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