Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where Did Spring Go?

We have been busy here on Maple Street.
Shall I catch you up?
How about a snap shot of the last few months?

First off on this snap shot journey is Gavin's first science fair. He received a 2nd Place Ribbon for his project: "Whose Mouth is cleaner: A Dog's or a Human's? Rest easy humans...we win.
Gavin's 1st Science Fair

Then on March 15th Anna had a fight with the storm door and the storm door won. Twelve stitches and a very embarrassed little girl resulted. We've taken to saying she was riding her unicorn through a glitter storm and that's how she got those wicked cool scars.

Storm Door Stitches

The local Army Reserve Unit does a Fall and Spring Fun Run. Gavin has run them every year since being here. Anna started last Fall and questioned, "Why do they call this a fun run if it isn't any fun?" Well, she decided to run this Spring too and came in first in her class...being the only one in her class.

Gavin came in second this time. But the real story is that he gave his second place medal to a classmate of his who ran but came in last. He thought he deserved something too. This classmate gets teased by some of the kids at school for being overweight but he was out there running; giving it his best. At school on Monday morning, Gavin brought in his medal and gave it to his friend at recess.


Gavin played on a Spring soccer league in Greenville this past spring. It was a step up from YMCA soccer. It is a joy seeing him do something he loves. I wish I could have gotten better pictures but then Mama would need a better camera. Hmmm...I see a valid argument for an upgrade here.

CESA Spring Soccer 2011

I had the delight of being the PTO president for Clinton Elementary this year. During teacher appreciation week, in early May, we did many things for our teachers. One event that was a lot of fun was our "Chalk It Up to Our Teachers". We chalked up the sidewalks around the school with messages of thanks for all they do.

Chalk it up to Our Teachers...

Anna had her Spring recital. Her violin lessons continued and so did her improvement. We hoped to get her in a Suzuki Camp this Summer but it didn't turn out to be possible. We continue to love Miss Nancy.

And, of course, every Spring another group of seniors graduate. It's always fun to attend the end of the graduation ceremony at Presbyterian College. It's not every day you get to hear the bagpipes play.

IMG_2569 - Version 2

And finally, on Mother's Day I flew to Birmingham, Alabama to be a part of a team of co-workers who were deployed to support USPS employees impacted by the tornadoes that tore through that state the at end of April. While we were there for one week we worked with over 1,000 postal workers all over the state. One picture ( this one taken in Tuscaloosa) does not even begin to describe the destruction and devastation these people experienced AND are still experiencing to this day. Assistance and help are still needed.

We seemed to move toward Summer vacation at full speed after a very busy Spring. Summer unofficially begins in South Carolina in May. Flip flops and sunscreen are required. And we welcomed it with a surprise trip to the "happiest place on earth". But that is another story.
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Jonathan said...

What great kids you have. Really, I mean it. You gotta tell me how Anna wound up fighting with the screen door. OUCH. That looks awful!