Monday, October 22, 2012

It's know what that means, right?

It's time to decorate for Halloween and head to the pumpkin patch for some over priced pumpkins!

First we've gotta dig the graves...

Then the graveyard inspectors must determine the gravestones are installed properly
Then the witch gets on her broom and flies away!
The graveyard is ready to be spooked!

Now for the inside of the house...
Every spooky house needs some blackbirds perched on a old jar of arsenic.

And a mantle dedicated to skulls and general creepiness.

I think the spirits here were musically talented.

Once the house had been creepified it was onto the pumpkin patch.

I'd like to say the experience matches the pics you see here.  But basically it was a lot of yelling and complaining.  So we may for go the pumpkin patch experience next fall.  There oughta be an age limit for that kinda of thing.  Instead of charging you for how much the pumpkins weigh they should charge you for how much your kid weighs.  Would eliminate a lot of pumpkin patch grief in my family, I tell you.

So here they are all jack-o-laterned up...lovingly cleaned and carved by moi...once again an overrated childhood experience.  Both kids totally grossed out by the cleaning.  And even though they chose what we all thought were simple designs, they both shut down and begged me to finish it.

But we are ready now to spook and be spooked.

It's know what that means, right?SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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