Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Gavin started Second Grade this year in a new school as most of you know. I was very emotional the morning after dropping him off. Anna couldn't understand why mama was crying. It not only was a new school for him but new fears for me. The "what ifs" flew through my head. His teacher and her teaching style seem to be very different from CFI's and I wasn't "feeling the love" when I met her. It seems like Mrs. D's discipline style is very strict and could pose a problem for our easily distractable Gavin. Already last week I got a call from the teacher because he forgot (I forgot) to bring some books back to school. He had to write a page of "I must bring my books back to school" and it counted as an "infraction" which affected his recess time. Deep breathing and prayers are needed on my part and probably Gavin's too. On the brighter side, he has made a friend or two and seems to like the kids. We hope this is a good year for him.
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