Monday, August 18, 2008

Fried Pepsi anyone?

Marci, the kid's second mama, has an Indiana State Fair tradition that she was not willing to see come to an end quite yet. For the past 7 years since she has taken care of our children, a trip to the State Fair was always part of the summer fun. Many years she would take as many as seven children to this end of summer tradition. Just because we were moving didn't mean our kids were going to miss out on the fair. So the Wednesday before the movers came Marci took Gavin and Anna Mae to the State Fair. I tagged along for a couple of hours but had to get back to packing. Here's a pic to commemorate not only this State Fair tradition but the loving relationship this amazing woman has with our kids. We are so blessed to have the Harris family as part of our family...and some might say we're blessed to have so many fried foods to choose from at the State Fair. Fried Pepsi anyone?
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