Monday, April 27, 2009

Did We Survive the "Turnoff Challenge"?

At Unplug Your Kids the challenge was issued and we made the foolhardy to decision to accept. I say foolhardy because how was I to know my back would decide to go out on me only one day later. Ugh. Now this meant no computer time for me. But I did watch more television than planned because I was flat on my back on the couch or bed for a good two days. But we did manage to cut down on our television and computer consumption significantly. Here are some of the things we did instead:

  • The kids discovered that magnolia trees are very easy to climb. I spent most of my time yelling "that's high enough"...
  • Painting Imagination boxes. Both the kids were wild about this craft project. Check out Later Betty's Bargains for a review and giveaway.
  • Lots of chalk drawings and hopscotch tournaments
  • Baseball games
  • Board game night
  • Spring Fairy house construction was in full tilt. We gathered the materials one day and built it another day. Look soon for a post dedicated to this activity. When we built a Fall Fairy House last Fall I contacted Light-Beams Publishing to let them know how much their Fairy House Series and website contributed to our kids' (and grown ups') imagination and creativity.
Well, when Light-Beams Publishing read about Unplug Your Kids Blog Challenge, they contacted me. They want to reward those who were participating in this challenge with the book, Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane. With great generosity, Light-Beams Publishing is offering three copies of this book to those who participated in the challenge. So if you would like an opportunity to win one of three copies here's what you have to do:

  1. Show me some Mr. Linky love and give me a link to your post in the Mr. Linky widget below or to those who participated by e-mail if you e-mailed uplugged mom and she publishes what you did, a link to that in the comment section is also fine. In addition I need a way to contact you if you are chosen so make sure I have access to an e-mail addy one way or another. This giveaway closes on May 5th at midnight est. I will announce the winners (that's right there's three books!) on May 6th. It is open worldwide (even though I'm paying for the shipping!).
After doing the required entry, here are ways to gain additional entries:
  1. Follow me or subscribe to my feed (leave a comment that you did)
  2. Click the "Tell a Friend" button at the end of the post and tweet about this (with a rt@laterbetty) plus follow me on Twitter. Then leave a comment with your user name and if you tweeted.
  3. Click the "Tell a Friend" button at the end of the post, choose another social network (our favorites are technorati, kirtsy, stumble upon) and show some love. Then leave a comment with what you did.
  4. Leave a relevant comment on my Fall Fairy House post and comment back here that you did.
  5. The big one worth 5 entries: Build a Fairy House and blog about it; leave a comment with the link.
I look forward to seeing what everyone else did or didn't do last week!

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Building a fairy house looks like a fun diversion. We may have to work on one! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

Heather said...

Sounds like your week was similar to mine! I had all these grand plans to actually do things like climb tree's with my kids. Instead I was stuck on the ground with my swollen ankle propped up...

It's amazing what we can come up with to do if we would just turn our screens off once in a while.

Fairy houses... hmmmmmmmmmmm. I'll have to think of a way to do that with my 3 boys here in the desert that won't weird my hubby out! ;)

Teresa said...

You sound like me telling the kids that is high enough. :) Hope you back feels better.

Brimful Curiosities said...

You can see our fairy house on my Wordless Wednesday post: