Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Break Hoosier Style...Part Deux...

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As I said, we were up for it. Up for what? An Easter Egg hunt, of course. Now, I feel the need to give you a little background for those who don't know how much I abhor egg hunts. I have always choked under the pressure of the hunt. I have a competitive spirit and it usually serves me well. But when it comes to Easter egg hunts I suck. Plus, now that I'm a mom I live empathetically through those little ones who come back basket empty because some quick little sucker was faster then they were. So I suggested the color coded system last year and my dear families got on board. Each child is assigned a color before the hunt and that is the only color they look for. It's a fabulous cooperative event if I say so myself. The bigger kids end up helping the littler ones instead of yanking an egg out of their sweet hands. This year Grandma Cece in addition to the colored eggs hid foiled wrapped eggs (4 per hunter). They looked like baked potatoes but they had money in them instead of sour cream and butter. I myself never participated in such a hunt just your basic jelly beans and peeps were hidden inside my eggs - what few I found that is. Gavin ended up with $35 and Anna $8! I'd say the Easter Bunny was quite generous this year given the economy and all.

The Kiley Cousins had a great time together. Lots of noise ensued after the hunt along with general mayhem. Cousining is a loud activity. The pictures don't do the noise justice. In fact, the pictures (thanks to Aunt Laurie who got some great shots) could imply some idyllic childhood scene instead of the pure chaos that it really was.

Kiley cousins' Easter

The Gallagher Cousins' Easter extravaganza was at Uncle Sean and Aunt Cindy's house. Missing was Papa Tom who was in the hospital fighting an E. coli infection courtesy of his earlier prostate cancer treatment. Everyone had fun but all the adults were keenly aware of his missing presence. It was so good to have our Family Easter at Sean and Cindy's so we could be close to the hospital and take turns visiting. And as always, Sean was able to capture the essence of joy in his photographs. Grandma was a trooper and the Easter Bunny, once again, made Easter a special memory for the cousins.

Gallagher Cousins' Easter

Easter was a small part of our visit though. I think we broke the record for the number of people visited in the short amount of time. So there is a part trois. Okay, no heavy sighs! I promise no more after that one...really.

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