Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Adventure continued...

The Water Park

We decided to not go to the concert for several reasons:

1. We were clueless as to who Mitchell Musso was (shame on us)
2. Our little kids were clueless as well - If Hand Manny or the Imagination Movers were there we would have all been front and center
3. Water Park, Water Park, Water Park
4. Bedtime, Bedtime, Bedtime

Well, we get in there and panic sets in for me because I'm sure someone's going to drown. This place is ginormous and I can't be everywhere at once! But that's what their more than 100 lifeguards nationally certified by Ellis & Associates were there for and the life jackets that they supply free of charge for the little ones who can't swim. What I should have been worried about is what I would look like after being sprayed and soaked one too many times in the kiddy water park area. Couldn't one adult come up to me and say "Uh, excuse me lady but your mascara has run down your face and you either look like a drunk raccoon or a middle aged mom trying to fit in with her goth kid. Wipe that crap off your face." But no, everyone, including the professor and my kids, all let me walk around like that. It's enough that I had to walk around in a bathing suit but for god's sake a bathing suit and running mascara! I was lookin' pretty and I didn't know it until we got back to our room. Where are the beautiful stand in Moms when you need 'em?


The kids had a blast! It is definitely one adult per young kid kind of waterpark. But once they are strong swimmers you can kick back and relax with a good book and an adult beverage if you want. Our favorite as an entire family experience was the pool with the basketball hoops and obstacle course.

Is it worth the price of Admission?

In a word, yes. Just the suites and the 80,000 sq. ft. Bear Track Landing™ (one of America’s largest indoor waterparks) are enough for a weekend getaway full of fun. But if you have more money to spend there are alternative ways to entertain your kids and yourselves such as:

  • Elements™ Spa – Featuring Aveda® products with eight treatment rooms
  • Scooops® Kid Spa – Featuring ice cream-themed treatments for tweens
  • Northern Lights™ Arcade – Over 100 video games and a ticket redemption center
  • Cub Club™ – Daily crafts, activities and bedtime storytelling
  • gr8_space™ – Tech Jockey will act as concierge for Internet stations, karaoke staging, movie and musical entertainment
  • MagiQuest – The first live action, fantasy adventure game of its kind in resort history (really awesome I must add - we didn't do this but we did observe someone else doing it - very cool)
  • Costumes, wand “toppers” and adornments available in retail to add to the Magic of MagiQuest
  • Howl In One™– State-of-the-art themed and interactive 18-hole miniature golf course

I'm always looking for ways to make my dollar go farther. As far as stretching it at Great Wolf, your best bet would be to consider bringing in your breakfast and lunch. There are lots of options for dining at the lodge

  • Camp Critter Bar & Grille™ – Themed family restaurant and bar
  • The Loose Moose Cottage™ – Themed gourmet buffet and food court (we had the opportunity to eat breakfast here - very nice with a room that overlooks the waterpark and kid level buffet for self-serve)
  • Pizza Hut Express®
  • Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee and sandwich shop
  • Bear Paw Sweets & Eats™ – Confectionery cafĂ© and hot dogs etc.
There is also lots of shopping opportunities with a gift shop, a Magiquest shop, a swimsuit store, customized crocs kiosk and airbrush tattoo kiosk. Gavin's "wolfie" came from the gift shop. Wolfie was in the room when we arrived as part of the VIF event. After tears and negotiations Gavin ended up with the stuffed animal and Anna got the beach ball.

And finally, right before we were leaving for home, Anna decided to be brave enough to stand next to Great Wolf Lodge's mascot, Wiley the Wolf, and get her picture taken. Given that he is a giant wolf dressed in hiking clothes anyone could understand her complete fear of Wiley.


The kids are already begging to go back. And we have decided that we will go again on our own dime. That says a lot for those of you who know the professor. It would be a great place to go with all the cousins too. Hmmm, anyone up for it? Bring your waterproof mascara!

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Cara said...

love it! we dont live far from here - being in Indiana and this has been on my radar as possible place to visit!