Saturday, August 22, 2009

Down on the farm...


The farm at Thornwell Home for Children.

Full of olfactory memories of childhood for me.

Sunday afternoon before the official start of school we headed over to see the babies of one of the mama goats. Patrick and the kids made weekly pilgrimages to the farm during the summer as a part of the Dr.'s Summer plan to avoid boredom. I, on the other hand, having started working full time on June 1st (notice great gnashing of teeth), didn't have the pleasure of the weekly farm visits. So this day was my first visit.

Thornwell Farm

It was a beautiful summer skies, white puffy clouds and the smell of farm animal manure. As we talked to the goats, explored the barn, pet the pigs, and hee-hawed with the donkey/mule, I noticed my spirit becoming lighter and lighter. Patrick and the kids ran over to the playground behind one of Thornwell's homes but I wanted to stay with this feeling. I realized it was all the farm smells that was creating this joie de vivre for me. It was like I was able to share the summer joys of being a kid with my kids at that moment.

I showed Gavin where the haymow was and encouraged him to climb up the ladder to see it. He was kind of hesitant to go but I told him about how I had played in my Grandpa's haymow as a kid. So up the ladder he went.


Then it was off to the slide of death...


This too brought childhood memories back as well. All the unsafe playground equipment and swing sets we risked life and limb on played on our children were having the time of their life with. It was a good Clinton moment.

Old school slide

Thornwell Home for Children is not only helping create good childhood memories for our children but for so many other deserving children as well. Please take the time to watch this video about Thornwell. It may help you appreciate your childhood as well.

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