Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School 2010

What's a mother to do?
I mean, really, she isn't supposed to be this old yet.
I took the day off just so I could freely think about her all day and, per chance, forget something that she absolutely needed to get through the day so I would have to go back to school to drop it off. Really, it happened.
Okay, so here they are in all their first day glory.

My heart aches when I look at this picture. She's growing up too quick.

And this guy...well, I'll tell you a secret, shhhh...he still likes to snuggle. I haven't lost him yet.

So here's the photo documentary of us surrendering our children to the public school system once again.

Daddy walking Anna to her classroom. Ten bucks to the best "thought bubble" for Anna.

Anna waiting in the hallway outside her classroom.

Here's our big 4th grader doing his best to ignore us...I guess we'll get used to it eventually, right?

Okay, just one last peek before we leave!

When Gavin and Anna got home from school, I excitedly asked Anna what her favorite thing about kindergarten was. Answer: "Napping". Now this is a girl who has her priorities straight!

So tell me, how's the beginning of the school year for you?
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