Thursday, August 12, 2010

The House on Maple - Before...

I wanted to get all fancy and do a "before" video. Let's suffice it to say the learning curve for me and my perfectionism were getting in the way of getting any thing posted before we actually moved into Maple Street. So I'm giving you a pictorial account of the house before renovations and what not begin. So let's start shall we?

This is the old Magnolia tree in our front yard. Magnolia trees are great for climbing!

This is the living room

Me and the professor in front of the fireplace in the Living Room on the day we closed.

View of the Living room from the mudroom/laundry room

Dining Room -before
Dining Room

butler's pantry - before
moving into the butler's pantry

kitchen - before
The kitchen circa 1932

original sink
The original sink...should it stay or go?

jenn air store circa 1974
Jenn Air Stove...circa 1974...ugh.

kitchen floor - before
LSD trip or 1974 linoleum kitchen decide.

master suite 2 - before
Master Bedroom "suite" (aka den and sun room combined with 2 bathrooms -one a handicapped accessible one and the other bathroom...untouchable)

master suite 3 -before
Fireplace in Master bedroom

master suite 1 - before
Sunroom half of master "suite"

master bath 2d-before
The "untouchable" bathroom...none will enter until it's sparkling new.

master bath  2c-before
All it needs is a little "bon ami" am I right?

master bath 2a - before
Oooh, I feel the need to take a shower just lookin' at the picture!

master bath 1c - before
Let's move onto the handicap's usable.

master bath 1b-before
Shower big enough for a family of four...

master bath 1a -before
Are you jealous of our corner toilet?

hallway -before
Scary long dark hallway...

Anna's room 1 -before
Anna's room after the professor painted it a blissful white

Anna's door -before
The entire room used to be this color, pepto pink from the 1930's. Gotta love that lead paint!

j/j bath 3 -before
Jack and Jill bathroom between Anna and Gavin's room. How to tone down the pink for a boy? Any suggestions?

j/j bath 4 -before
Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?

Gavin's room 2-before
Gavin in Gavin's room - painted blissfully white by the professor. Before it was a mustard yellow floor to ceiling...yeah.

Front of house
The porch is all repaired and repainted...the overgrown bushes gone.
Come say, "Hello" to the House on Maple.

More to come...of course.

God help us.
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Jonathan said...

Love it Kelly! Well, except for that bathroom. I'm going to have nightmares!