Saturday, November 6, 2010

Inaugural Halloween Party

The weather was perfect.
The company was entertaining.
The costumes were fabulous.
How could we not have a great time?
My creation
The kids' excitement and energy were contagious. Although there were eyeballs (doughnut holes dipped in white chocolate), jello brain, gummy teeth,mummy cupcakes and yummy dogs & chips, they barely ate a thing. The little hooligans were content to climb the magnolia, chase each other around the yard and toss the football. I don't know how we managed to herd them all to get a picture but I'm so glad they complied.


All too soon we were off to trick and treat. Tinker Bell had enough glitter spray on her to keep Peter Pan in Never,never Land for eternity. Harry Potter decided he didn't want to wear his glasses...but his mother insisted on them for the pictures.


We returned home where the adults enjoyed some wine and leftover eyeballs while the kids surveyed their booty. As the evening came to a close, I found myself thinking about next Halloween and how to add to the fun we had this year. And, if you know me well, you could guess I was also wondering where to go for the best Halloween clearance.

Boo to you!
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