Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Love Affair continues...

The clouds parted.
The sun shined down on the deprived people of Clinton.
(uh, that would be Betty and the professor)
For unto us a store has opened.

I took a little field trip on my day off from saving postal souls. I traveled the 40 minutes up 385 to reunite with my long lost love, Trader Joe.
And he did not disappoint.

Upon entering the store I was met by these lovely specimens.


And the eye candy (and tummy candy) went on and on. I wandered the aisles fondly remembering why I missed him so much. Oh, Trader Joe I'm so glad you are back in my life...never go away again or I might have to boil a bunny.


And now for your viewing pleasure, a music video about my impressive boyfriend.

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1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Oh no! One less reason for you to come back to Indy! So glad TJ is back in your life, though. I'm thrilled for you. Love the video, especially the part about them no longer having your favorite food. Hate that. Okay, this post is WAY too long. Love ya, mean it.