Sunday, September 7, 2008

Greenville Saturday Morning

Well, we decided to head to the big city of Greenville, South Carolina last weekend as both Patrick and I needed a healing dose of "city". Greenville surprised us. The first stop was Falls Park and it was a jaw-dropping experience. What pictures I have don't do it justice, thus the link to see the "real deal" pics. Gavin, our half mountain goat son, immediately started climbing the hills and rocks along the trails leading from the parking lot. So we finally convinced him to get on the trails with us. It's pretty woodsy (totally a Kelly word) and we're all very curious what we are going to see. I snapped this as we were going up a trail. For some reason, I love getting pics of the kids from behind. It's like I'm watching them walk into their future. Bittersweet, really.So we step out onto this grassy area of park after being in the woodland and I swear it's like we arrived in Fairyland or maybe what you'd imagine a park in Heaven to be. Picture perfect little pristine areas that almost didn't seem real. Reading this it seems as if I'm exaggerating but I'm speaking my truth here folks. I've never seen anything like it. Yet another reason to come visit us, a little preview of Heaven only 45 minutes from our little house.
And then there is this striking piece of architecture that links the city with the park. A modern curving suspension bridge hangs above the Reedy River and delivered us to Main Street.Once we found ourselves on Main Street we discovered that Greenville has a trolley system on Main that is free. And you know how we love free! So we hopped on the trolley, or train as Anna called it, and soon found ourselves at the Greenville Farmer's Market. Here's a little taste of that:

I tried to take several pictures of the market to capture its essence but realized what was missing was the music that was playing. Of course, the video capabilities of my digital camera are limited but it gives you an idea. It was booth after booth of great produce, most of it organic and locally grown. In addition, several artisans had booths selling their wares too. It was a great market with a fabulous atmosphere.
Finally, our last discovery in Greenville were mice. Not the kind that Kevin keeps slaying in his house but mini bronze statues of the mouse from the book, Goodnight Moon. They are scattered in various places on Main Street and it's designed to be a little scavenger hunt for children of any age really. We just happened upon one this Saturday and here is Anna Mae having a little chat with one of the mice:We look forward to going back and exploring what else the city has to offer. Who knows what we'll find next.
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