Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shame & Redemption

A couple of Saturdays ago we headed to Laurens, South Carolina to take in the local Farmers' Market and an extremely kid friendly park we love. So I grabbed the camera determined to capture some "Lauren-ness". The market was pretty quiet that Saturday so no pics from there. However, the local Humane Society was selling muffins so we bought a couple for the kids. Anna dove into her chocolate muffin and quickly made a mess of herself. When I told her we needed to wash her hands she burst into tears and raised her hands up. Instead of going for the wet wipes I grabbed my camera. Her chocolate muffin shame had to be captured!
After cleaning the princess up and drying her tears we strolled around the square. We found an Italian Restaurant we'd like to try out, an adorable kids' store that had high-end kid's clothes and toys, a specialty fabric store (do you hear me squealing?), and Laurens County's shame.
Of course, the shame we felt toward our own race kept us from actually going into this establishment. Click here to read the latest attempt to close this,umm,(cough,cough)"museum". We walked back to the car and I snapped this photo trying to redeem the square's quaintness. It really is a lovely little downtown square. This advertisement definitely contributes to the atmosphere.
So we arrived at the local park we love. Little River Park in Laurens was part of a TLC show called "Town Haul" that only lasted two seasons I think. Part of the town makeover was this park. It has an amazing playground around for the kids. But the best part about the park is that it offers free, yes, you heard me folks, free miniature golf and shuffle board! In our family the redemption is now complete.
Gavin and Anna love coming here and perfecting their putting skills. Mom and Dad love coming here because it's so kid friendly they can sit down on one of the many benches and take a break...for free.
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Tabber said...

Can't believe you made that poor chil' wash her chocolate hands!

Oh, and one o' them lovely "southern pride" flags would look might nice on yer front porch. The South shall rise agin!

Tab said...

Well, at least you left one of my comments.