Monday, November 24, 2008

Tickle Time Injuries

I never thought loving someone would hurt so much.

Gavin and I spend time connecting with one another in an after bathtime ritual we call "tickle time". This began about a year ago after I read a fabulous book on parenting called Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD. The book suggests that what kids are really looking for, first and foremost, is a real connection with the people who love and care for them. And every kid is different. My job as a parent to two very different kids is to figure out how to connect to them in their own personal way. Gavin's way is very physical. I'm thinking of auditioning for World Wrestling Entertainment as a Diva!

This past week I've had my knee landed on and bent the wrong way and one of my fingers received a headbutt that resulted in a seriously jammed finger. Both of these were done in the name of connection and love. There was a time when injuries received from Gavin were a result of temper tantrums and his unending frustration. So today, I gladly receive these injuries in the name of love. Tickle time has taken a temporary hiatus while my knee and finger heal but this diva is looking forward to the next time she connects to Gav in his own special way.
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