Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crazy little thing called Mono

Gavin's been home the last two days with a fever related to the mono. It was really bad yesterday. Last night around 9pm he woke up crying. I went into his room to check on him and he was talking crazy - I really think he was having hallucinations due to the fever or dehydration. He was talking about his back "singing" and he wasn't going to sing. I brought him into the living room and Project Runway was on. He pointed at the t.v. and started crying and screaming something unintelligible - so obviously we turned the t.v. off. Perhaps it was commentary on this week's designs. He continued to say he wasn't going to sing and he wished his back would stop singing. He had this terrible look of fear on his face confirming that it was very real for him. That sufficiently freaked me out! He's much better this morning and back to his normal self which consists of tormenting Anna frequently. I wish he was in school today actually but we're "homeschooling" for a day. Right now they're watching Nick Jr. I'd be the worst homeschooling mom. All I can say is thank God for public education!
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Anonymous said...

I agree with that...I am the insane woman from the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in the summer!!! I discovered a knitting circle/shop down the street this summer and that has kept me sane during the insanity!! To hell with the the best housewife ever...take care of yourself -- find a fun hobby and look for a job -- even part time -- get the hell out of the house!!!