Monday, October 13, 2008

Where's my puss?

For all of you who know the punch line, here's to Opal Mae! For those of you in the dark, well you'll just have to force it out of me! I'm writing this quirky little post because I was trolling some of my favorite blogs which many times link me to other blogs that are soon to become my new favorite blogs (help me I'm stuck in an ADD time warp of blog!). Well, here I was hoping to find something I couldn't live without at Design Freebies (my new bff!) and came across the greatest thing for big girls and little girls alike...a Hermes paper purse you can down load, print, color, cut, tape and...voila, you've got yourself a designer purse! And plus, how could I resist it when it's called "The Kelly"? Hermes must have known how cheap I really am but still want to look good too; I'm so honored they named it after me. Honestly, I'm thinking about how can I laminate this bad boy to "make it work"! Also, I see the trappings of a fabulous little girl's birthday party! Woah, somebody stop me! Do you hear my little brain working right now when I really should be in bed sleeping getting ready for another day as Mama of the year? God, I hope this isn't the beginning of some crazed manic phase where I find out at 43 I've been bi-polar all this time. Oh, well, I'll enjoy the ride. It entertains me. Thank God I'm a clinical social worker too, huh?
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Anonymous said...

WE use "where's my puss" all the time -- I am currently carrying a rubber chicken purse -- punch that in to google -- they sell them on ebay -- it is all the rage at my knitting circle...sherry