Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There's hope!

Anna and I attended the first official story hour today at the Clinton Public Library. Trying to get her to leave the house to go was an art in manipulation because I'm convinced she is now officially hypnotized by Disney Playhouse (please, not another nomination for mother of the year, my ego just couldn't take it!). Now before you get excited about me describing the dismal state of our little prison, I mean public, library you'll just have to cool your jets. It's not going to happen. This is about a little book I picked up for Gavin about the United States of America. We've been having a lot of discussions about states since we moved from one to another and are separated (big sigh) by several. So the book is called The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller.
It is so much fun to read! All the states have personalities and there are tons of little side conversations going on all the place. We laughed and laughed while reading it and then it happened. An alternative universe was revealed to us that should make all of us rest a little easier tonight (That is if you, like me, are missing the distance betwixt us. And if you are not, well, just humor me and shut your pie hole...she says smiling sweetly.).You see, in this alternative universe our states are neighbors and we're right above Mexico! Fiesta! Seriously though, it is a great book to introduce the states in an entertaining way. And I discovered there is a game and jigsaw puzzle available too. I thought of Uncle Scott the entire time I read it. I swear he could have written and illustrated it! So hop to it Scott! Erin, crack that whip! We'll be there at the book signing beaming with pride.
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