Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

We're back from our lovefest known to many as Thanksgiving. Back in the day I had a sponsor who would have me write an ABC gratitude list when my attitude was in the toilet. Today, I am happy to report, my attitude is good. But this exercise is always helpful and gives you the opportunity to match pictures to gratitudes. Note: there are not 26 pictures! Good luck!

  • A - Another photo opportunity
  • B - Baby Gallagher #4 coming in June '09
  • C - "Cousining"
  • D - Delicious food
  • E - Erin & Scott's wonderful new home
  • F - Fun was had by all
  • G - Gallaghers
  • H - Hugs, mmmm, hugs
  • I - Inlaws
  • J - Joy
  • K - Kileys
  • L - Lazyboy full of love
  • M - Making memories
  • N - Noise and laughter
  • O - Over the river and through the woods...
  • P - Prostate Cancer treatments are over
  • Q - Quitting smoking
  • R - Requests for Piggyback rides honored
  • S - Seeing friends and family
  • T - Traveling safely
  • U - Understanding grandparents
  • V - Visit with Santa
  • W - Whip cream
  • X - Xtra cute kids
  • Y - Youngsters & Oldsters alike
  • Z - Zzzzz, sleeping kids
God, Laurie, you look absolutely gorgeous!

Anna is still talking about playing with Maddie

Maggie was exhausted after the day's activities

It's blurry but captures Sean's ability to seize the moment

The result of Papi Dan and the whipped cream can!

Happy Anniversary, honey! I'll do the dishes.

Gavin loved being the big cousin!

Yummy food!

Exciting game of Chutes & Ladders

I love the "ant shanin"!

uhhh, not sure what's going on here...

It's all worth it for this sweetness...

So now we're back, safe and sound, in our little house and life has continued it's regular daily pace. But the memories sustain me until the next time. Oh, that and maybe a Christmas cookie or two.
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