Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Comes to Clinton

Happy holidays everyone!
Christmas has arrived in our little town in a big way. And it all started with the annual Christmas parade, which I am told is our little town's biggest parade. Hmmm. We were instructed by several Clintonites to be on Broad street in front of the college and bring a gift bag for the kids. Huh? So we dress warmly (for South Carolina) and put Anna in the coat that I wore at that age.
Thanks go to Grandma Debbi for keeping it in such pristine condition!

Well, the parade starts and the candy starts flying(thus the gift bags)! Kids turn into crackheads and go crazy...until he shows up that is, then they all scream in horror. Thank heavens he wasn't handing out candy to the kids or the local police may have arrested him.
What was he thinking?!
Once I saw this scary clown I got all excited like a kid in a candy shop because I knew this was going to be good blog fodder! And they didn't disappoint either. Soon after scary clown passed and the children stopped screaming we were treated to an adorable little elf that seemed to calm the freaked out kiddies. Oh, that and the copious amounts of candy they were throwing out of their truck.
Yes,my friends,their truck. There were many trucks and cars that just had a cute kid or baby in it and the parents showing them off. Really not parade worthy...except in our little town it seems.

Then the piece de resistance occurred.
The Hillbilly Clan Motorcade showed up.
The local Shriners have created a whole line of crazy hillbilly vehicles that I must say are very entertaining. Let's hope and pray no one uses them as their everyday vehicle.
Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!
So festive!
Yes, that is an ginourmous pair of women's underwear for a door. See what I mean when I said that this was gonna be blog fodder?

And what parade would be complete with out Barney Fife? I have to say I ran out into the street to get his picture! Okay, a complete blog maniac now. But, hey, he showed me his one bullet. Can you beat that?
Keeping our little town safe from Burgermeister Meisterburger!

Finally, I need your help in explaining this last parade picture I have. So after thinking about it, leave a comment here telling me what your take on it is. We live in the Bible belt right? There was float after float of the manger scene, bell choirs from the local churches and a Christian rock singer or two. Then we have the Devil himself.
Nothin' says Christmas like the devil in a Santa hat. That image is burned into my mind. So the local high school's mascot in this God fearing town is the Red Devil. Explain that one to me. It defies logic...
...More merriment to come this week!
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