Monday, December 15, 2008

The Stockings were hung...


Well, we've decorated our little house for Christmas. It's certainly pared down from our Saint Joseph days I must say. Gavin and I went shopping for a Christmas tree that would actually fit in our little house. As fate would have it we found a 4 foot Indiana Spruce pre-lit artificial tree at the Wallyworld in Laurens. So we have a little bit (and I mean a little bit) of the Hoosier state in our living room.
The tree sits on top of the trunk. All of the kids' yearly ornaments plus a few memorable ones are hanging on the tree. This year Anna got a Minnie Mouse ornament in the hopes we actually do get to go to Disney World in June '09 and Gavin got a Presbyterian College ornament. The rest are waiting in boxes in the attic for a bigger house that can house a bigger tree. Until then we are enjoying our petite Indiana spruce humming "I'll be home for Christmas".

Only one creche got displayed this year. This caused Patrick to do a little jig of happiness because my creche collection drives him a little batty. Of course, I'm plotting and planning ways to drive him batty all the time. Keep your eyes open for interesting creches on mega clearance after the holidays! You know I'll reimburse you. Then we can all join in the madness.
(Does that crooked picture drive you as crazy as it does me?)

The stockings were hung on the armoire with care. This brought Gavin much distress. He was certain Santa Claus would not fill the stockings because they were not displayed in the correct spot. We spent some time assuring him that Santa would see these stockings as the room was small and cozy.
How could he miss them...they're so darn cute?!
You can make your own "no sew" version just click here, A Fanciful Twist.

Our front door that has seen better days even got in the holiday mood. I filled a distressed metal basket from "Southern Living at Home" with some festive faux flowers (note the magnolias) and clipped some of the unidentifiable red berries that have sprouted in our yard and, tah dah, our dingy front door looks shabby chic for Christmas.
Who knows, I may leave it up all winter.

How are you decorating this holiday? I would love to hear about it and see pictures of your lovelies.
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patience said...

Oh, I have a serious creche collection too...I can't help it, when I see and cute or different one I just have to have it. What a lovely Christmas you are creating over there Kelly! much peace in the new space this holiday...