Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happiness: Better Late than Never!

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Some of you may know that I've deemed 2010 the year of "letting my life speak". In January and February I've had many many chances to practice this. Part of my journey has been a little thing called The Happiness Project. Gretchen Rubin is the cause of all that happiness. It's a fascinating story that I encourage you to check out.

So, the reason for this post is not only to update you on my never ending search for personal happiness but to offer you the chance to increase your own. There are a couple of really handy things that Gretchen has put together that has helped me put my focus where it needs to be when it comes to my happiness. Namely, me....or you, if you are thinking about your own happiness. The first one is the Happiness Project Toolbox. It is chock full of fabulous self-esteem goodness! There are so many opportunities in there to help you "trudge the road of Happy Destiny". An aside, if you will, on the word "trudge" which means to "walk with determination". It makes trudging sound much better now don't you think? So, with determination I am walking the road of happy destiny.

The other support she offers comes by form of a pledge. Now, if you are anything like me, I've pledged my life away one too many times on things like weight loss, organizing, bill paying, exercising. Embarrassingly, my list could go on and on. This feels different to me...somehow, more attainable. Well, Gretchen's proposed to those of us pursuing happiness that 2010 be the year of the Happiness Challenge. Each month, she suggests an area of life to take on, and over the next four weeks, she proposes real and manageable resolutions to help you increase your happiness. So far over 7,800 people have taken the pledge to be in charge of their own happiness. You can join me on this adventure by going here and signing the pledge too.

And, finally, I wanted to take the time to let those of you (and you know who you are) know how grateful I am for the love and support you have given me over the past year. Moving to South Carolina has been challenging in so many ways and on so many levels. But you, my dear friends and family, have never failed to love and sustain me throughout it all. Know that I've got your back too if ever you should need it.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Are Lovable!

One of the blogs I follow called, Kindness Girl, is by Patience Salgado, a real woman with a big heart. She has a project called Guerrilla Goodness. You might remember me writing about this in a post around this time last year entitled, Guerrilla Goodness Quaker Style. Well, she's put together a piece that is inspiring. I'm ready...are you?

Oh,and by the way, you are so lovable!
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