Thursday, July 7, 2011

For a Brief Moment

For a brief moment I am centered.
I am calm.
I breathe in...
...and I breathe out.
This old soul greets me in the morning and welcomes me back home in the evening.
And for a brief moment I am centered.
I am calm.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth: Day Two

Two kids on a Disney high

It was a perfect day in the Magic Kingdom.
And they are right.
It is the happiest place on earth. It is intoxicatingly happy.
The high lasted several days.
But I am not a Disney Addict. It is a very pricey drug.

We arrived for the opening show. When the gates opened we followed Alice. You know, Alice, as in "Alice in Wonderland". I felt like Alice myself as we headed for the Teacups. The boys veered off to go to a race car ride which later they deemed as "lame". But the Teacups did not disappoint our need for childhood glee.

Anna loved the Tea Cups!
Does that face not scream "childhood glee"?

There's nothing like spinning your little heart out.

Then we were off to "Small World". The kitsch factor did not disappoint. And the kids loved it. We traveled around the world in about seven minutes.

"Welcome to the Happiest Cruise that ever sailed"

Everybody sing along...

Gavin rode his first roller coasters. The first was the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This whet his appetite and he was ready for Space Mountain. But his Dad was not as the Fast Pass for it was not at a time when he would be in the park. And I really really really don't like roller coasters. But I sucked it up and waited in line with Gavin to plunge to my death ride Space Mountain. Did I mention that I don't like roller coasters? The wait was shorter than it indicated which gave me less time to get totally crazy anxious. And in less than ten minutes we were getting off the ride. I survived and Gavin got to say he rode Space Mountain.

While in Tomorrow Land we rode Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. This was a really fun ride that brought out some healthy competition among the family because you laser shoot at targets through out the ride. At the end of the ride your score appears. Gavin beat the socks off us all.

One of the unique features that you may run into in Tomorrow Land is the talking trash can. Anna carried on quite the conversation with this little guy never realizing there was a man in the crowd operating it and talking into a a little mic that changed his voice.

In Adventureland we climbed aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean. We were amazed to see people of all ages, clear up to way old timers, enjoying the magic of Disney World. When we got off the ride look who we ran into.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow is one handsome pirate
He is easy on the eyes. I'd swab his deck any day.

We left the park around four to rest and get some dinner.
The Fambly at MK

The professor and Anna decided they were not going to return for the Main Street Electrical Parade and fireworks. No amount of convincing could change their minds. They stayed poolside at the hotel and watched a movie outside. Gavin and I, however, were jonesing for a little more of that Magic Kingdom drug. I so wished they had come.

We returned to find Magic Kindgdom packed to the gills. They tape off where you can stand during the parade. We got back too late to grab a prime spot. So we really had to squeeze in somewhere, claim it and wait for the parade to start.

But just watching the castle change colors was magical. It was beautiful.

When the parade began my jaw dropped and I didn't pick it up until the last float paraded by. Between the parade, the show between the parade and the fireworks, and the fireworks I realized our admissions to the park were worth every penny.

Here's a taste of the Main Street Electrical Parade

After the parade there was a show in front of the castle that was technologically amazing. It's called "The Magic, the Memories, and You". As many as 500 images shot that day project onto the castle each night the show is presented, producers estimate. Disney PhotoPass photographers capture guests creating new memories as they “smile for the castle.” So it could be that night we were part of the castle show. I'm embarassed to say that it brings a tear to my eyes even to watch it now.

The fireworks had me at Tinker Bell...the REAL LIVE Tinker Bell flying down from the castle to get the fabulous fireworks show started. We had a fabulous time at Disney World. I know we'll go back again someday to get another infusion of that happiness drug that they do so well.

The end to a magical vacation
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