Monday, June 28, 2010

Can it be that my baby is five years old?: Rainbows

Anna: baby to five

Baby to Five in the blink of an eye.
How does that happen? Remember when Summer vacation lasted forever? Now it seems like it's a week long and they are back in school. And it was just a few weeks ago our Anna Mae was a baby.

So she had her Rainbow Party. All the invitations were created (Anna drew and cut out all the rainbows)then sent along with a request for each attendee to wear a designated color of the rainbow.


Gavin and Daddy created the sign behind the kids. See, I have visual proof that her big brother (or bother as she, thanks to Olivia, refers to him)can do something nice for his little sister.


We had rainbow cupcakes. I had seen them featured many times in many blogs. They all look so pretty and rainbow-y. Mine...not so much. Advice to anyone considering making prepared for color gel stain-a-palooza. Oh, and make sure you are totally a left brain person or have a left brain person handy to separate out all the cake batter and layering. I sucked at that part. But we did get very bright colorful cupcakes, so I'm pretty sure that the kids that came ingested their fair share of food dye for the next year or so. And can someone tell me where to find a cupcake liner that doesn't ruin the look of a perfectly beautiful cupcake? Are you sensing cupcake frustration dear readers? Dreams of a cupcakery were dashed because of the dreaded rainbow cupcake.


Oh, and the tropical heat pretty much melted any great frosting fantasy I may have thought might save the look of the cupcake. Okay, enough already Betty, move on.

One more pains me that there is no "y" in this cupcake, only RO_GBV...the shame.

There was also the quintessential party event, the pinata. I have a hard time watching children trying to bang the living daylights out of something that may have represented a living thing. So what does it say about me that I was okay with them beating the hell out of a rainbow? Kinda seems like some sadistic dream killer if you ask me. Not that anyone is, but if they did ask me that would be my answer.

This was the before the dream killing began. Such a sweet image don't you think?

Let the dream killing begin! It would have been perfect if only I had loaded that thing with all sorts of vegetables.

But in the end, after all the cake that was ground into the carpet, the sticky dried juice on the table and the remains of the destroyed rainbow, there was a five year old girl that loved the celebration she had with her friends.


I guess that means we'll do it all over again next year because after all, how often do you get a chance to whack the hell out of an object and not get arrested?
Can it be that my baby is five years old?: RainbowsSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Can it be that my baby is five years old?: Surprise!

And I've got birthday party pictures to prove it. After great gnashing of baby teeth, she decided that she wanted a Rainbow birthday party (I'm not sure why I capitalized rainbow. Maybe I'm finally giving it the respect it deserves). But before the official birthday party kicked off on the actual anniversary of this dear girl's birth a surprise birthday party was thrown for her the weekend before. And it was cause for celebration because we finally got some cousin action down here. Cousins, Aunt L. and Uncle K. and Gramma descended on our little house and we partied.

Clearly she wasn't expecting this when she came in from playing.

"I've always wanted a cookie pizza!" -Anna

Aunt L. and Anna get her itty bitty twin dressed in her new birthday clothes

Gramma Cece and the girls!

5th bday mosaic
I swear there is a story in these pictures! Happy cousins, uninvited giraffe man comes to party, dress up gone bad... we laughed, gossiped, chased kids around, and all around celebrated being together. Is it any surprise we had a great time?
Can it be that my baby is five years old?: Surprise!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend