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Auld Lang Syne 2011

I've been a bad blogger in 2011.
Very Spotty.
If I may be frank, dear readers (those of you who have stuck around), I do not multi-task very well. I'd like to think that I do. Heavy sigh. But I don't. What I do well is hyper-focus. Let's give a shout out to Attention Deficit Disorder!

So here I am trying to give you a Reader's Digest version of the past year or so. And with my homage to RD it will also be sanitized to avoid dwelling on those parts of 2011 where I or others were not performing at our best. Ugly bits will be left out on purpose. Whining is not an attractive quality. So fasten your seat belts.

Here we go...

In August Gavin entered 5th grade and Anna became a first grader. They both are having a stellar academic year.

Gavin-10 years old
First Day of 5th Grade

Anna Mae-6 years old
First Day of 1st Grade

In September our artist in residence created a treasured birthday card. She truly gives my heart wings.


In October the holiday season commenced with our annual Halloween Party. It kinda surprised me...

Photo on 2011-10-24 at 07.16 #2

But we managed to throw a good "pre-kicker" to Trick or Treating.


Because if you have enough vampire teeth, any party can be a success. Just ask these adorable party goers...

Love, love, love, the owl in perched on her hat.

Gavin and his crew made quite the statement

Anna and her bff, Rachel.

For one Halloween party, Anna went dressed as a Mexican Sugar Skull. Did I mention I love Halloween?

My creation

In November we adopted a geriatric dachshund. He's somewhere between the age of 6 and 10 according to the vet. The kids are in love. He's growing on the adults. Anna and Gavin named him Mr. Ollie Wienerkins but to friends and family he's just Ollie.


We traveled to Indiana to be with family on Thanksgiving. This is what traveling in the car for nine hours will do to you.

Thanksgiving day we were with the Kileys. And this pretty much sums up what we did all Thanksgiving Holiday. If only someone were to feed me...and I looked so cute doing it. But currently, sweet Miren has the corner on cuteness.

The Kiley clan's Thanksgiving Feast

Aunt Shannon gave early Christmas gifts to the girls. But the best gift from her was the day before...

I tell you, there was no happier girl in the state of Indiana that day.

The cousins stood still just long enough for me to prove they were all together

Mostly this is what they looked like...

Then it was on to the Gallagher's for Feast #2.

Shenanigans ensued...

And bites of dessert were sneaked...

Great Aunt Libby told the best "knock knock" jokes.

And handsome Phillip and his momma, Aunt Cindy (along with all the other kids) laughed at 'em all.

It was a beautiful autumn full of family, laughter, and life.

Then Christmas sneaked up on us...

There was a Clinton Elementary PTO Winter Wonderland Dance. Pulled off fabulously by fantastic volunteers! Think "controlled chaos". Then the next weekend I had the pleasure of flying to the Windy City to celebrate Christmas with dear old friends from college. Much drinking and inappropriate behavior occurred...and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. So good for the soul, old friends laughing together about the same things they have laughed about for 24 years.
Because nothing says Christmas like anti-diarrheal medicine.

Then came the annual Clinton Christmas Parade...
I'm not sure what they were going for here. Marie Antoinette would be horrified.

And we made what I think will be Gavin's final visit to Santa.
If he's a good big brother it won't be Anna's last.

Christmas arrived.

Santa didn't disappoint.
A 21st Century Christmas Morning
And we had ourselves a 21st Century Christmas Morning. No eyes were shot out this year. Well, there's always next year.

Then the kids and I packed up and headed to Indiana.

We were given a white Christmas. Sweet gift, Mother Nature. Thank you, dear.

And here we are, 15 days into the new year.
Once again playing catch up with myself. But I wish you all great and wonderful things for 2012.
May you find joy in small things and laugh often.
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