Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Comes To the House on Maple Street


Our yard may be unkempt and a little worse for wear but Mother Nature decided that we deserved some Spring beauty as much as the next person. This little pearl of a flower is called the green dotted snowdrop. Isn't it precious?

We also have an invasive weed growing in our yard that I fell in love with when we lived in France. Back then ignorance was bliss. I didn't know it was an invasive weed. I just loved how it framed the old buildings in the medieval villages we visited. Ah, wisteria, why do you you have to be so wild? It's too much work to tame you. I don't have the time...I have children. But I love you, none the less. Thank you for invading my tired little yard.


And even though we cut down all the overgrown azalea bushes hiding our sweet little house...
house1 petite specimen survived hidden among some brush along side of the drive way.

And in the backyard, near the side door is a Camellia bush. It's like a rose bush without all the trouble. Plus it's an evergreen and sometimes even blooms in the Winter. Originally from Japan, they have found a home in South Carolina. I'm so glad we have one in our yard.

But not all Spring beauty is obvious. Sometimes you have to look for it. And as you know dear readers, I have become enamored with the plethora of mushroom varieties growing here in South Carolina. And our back 40...yards didn't disappoint mama. And I so want to know what kind of mushrooms these are...they could be edible. How fun would that be? So maybe one of you would feel inspired to be a mushroom sleuth. There may be a yummy mushroom meal in your future.


Here is specimen number two:

I've done a little search but haven't been able to identify them yet. But I love them just the same.

Finally, in all its delicate glory, a dogwood bloomed right outside our breakfast nook door. The blooms stayed for what seemed forever. But eventually they fell to the ground to be replaced by tender leaves.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for the sweet gift you bestowed upon us undeserving lazy gardeners. We're so grateful.
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Our whirlwind Spring Break trip to Indiana consisted of two egg hunts in two days. The kids were beside themselves in Easter Candy joy.

The Gallagher Cousin Chaos was a sight to behold. Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny even made an appearance

Gallagher Spring Egg Hunt

An impromptu egg hunt ensued with the Kiley Cousins. Small, intimate but challenging, the hunt seemed to scratch their egg hunt itch.

Kiley Spring Egg Hunt

Or so we thought...

...Presbyterian College has a community Easter Egg Hunt the Sunday before Easter. I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a yummy Spring Brunch before the hunt. After all, we live right across the street from the college and if the kids get to fill their baskets with candy shouldn't we parents get something out of it too. I have to say, I went a little overboard on the whole brunch thing. Plus, I was scarily organized...just ask the Professor. Those of you who know me know that isn't one of my strong suits.

The table setting was being guarded by two lovely lime green gnomes. Know that I am strongly resisting the urge to use the word "tablescape". That word is like nails on a chalkboard for me but thanks to Sandra Lee on "Semi-homemade" it has become THE word in my head to describe how I decorated. But I won't use it...I am remaining strong.


Every plate had an adorable chocolate chick...from Aldi's, no less.

And the menu was yummy too. It had some healthy options for those watching their weight. And some not so healthy options for those who wanted to indulge. A veggie fritata and a spinach quiche didn't make it in the picture.


The Pineapple Bliss Cupcakes were a hit! Who knew that healthy and delicious can co-exist? Check out the blog, Skinny Taste. It won't disappoint...I promise.


So we all enjoyed a lovely brunch and then headed over to Presbyterian College for the hunt. Even the Easter Bunny showed up. Help me understand this because I can't wrap my head around the whole Easter Bunny thing. Now, Santa is a believable holiday character. There could be a jolly old man that leaves presents at your house. But how freaky is it that a giant rabbit leaves Easter baskets for kids and hides eggs? Do kids really fall for that one? Did I? I guess my girl does.


There was face painting, jump houses, and cookies-n-punch at the Egg Hunt. It was quite the affair. Then the scary hunt was an onslaught of screaming children practically clawing each other to get the most eggs. AND...there were 3 golden eggs. You know there were a huge amount of disappointed kids and 3 very happy ones.

Anna's best friend, Rachel was there. They are so cute together.


You can really see the bond they share. Childhood sweet.

The day was beautiful. The kids were happy. The grown-ups were content. A nearly perfect day. A nearly perfect Spring.
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