Thursday, March 19, 2009

Those Naughty Leprechauns!

Having married ethnically pure, it is nearly a requirement that St. Patrick's day must be celebrated in our little house. And thus the visit from the leprechauns began. When Mama was working, it was a trail of gold chocolate coins leading from the kids' bedroom to outside. Now that Mama got some time on her hands those leprechauns have stepped up their game!

The leprechaun's visit

The first thing the kids discovered when they awoke is that their webkins animals were all sitting on the paddles of the ceiling fan in the living room. Then the excitement really began because they realized the leprechauns had visited them. Running back to their room they began to follow the trail of gold coins and found several in their room and in the bathroom too. Those leprechauns had turned the toilet water green! Gavin wondered if leprechauns pee green...hmmm, quite a query to ponder don't you think? They followed the trail into the kitchen where they found that some of the milk had been turned green and Lucky Charms cereal was sitting by the fridge. Gavin refused to let us drink the milk stating, "It might be poison!". Those naughty leprechauns! Finally, the kids found little notes written by the leprechauns themselves and had left parting gifts of green tic tacs and green chewing gum. The notes revealed that our leprechauns' names were Doogal and Darby.


Anna announced, "Those leprechauns were very messy and naughty but I am amazed at that mess.". We all dressed in green and got Gavin to school. At lunch he discovered that he had bright green jelly belly pudding in his lunch box which he thouroughly enjoyed (between you and me, it looked toxic). Dinner consisted of Spinach fettucini with pesto, green salad with avocados, a bright green Mexican soda, and lime green jello for dessert. I'm sure enough green die was ingested that day to bring out the inner leprechaun in each of us.

How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day at your little house?

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Anonymous said...

I envy your children! Yes, this is Jonathan making a sincere comment (okay, so I've had a martini and a glass of wine - you know how sentimental I get). Love ya, Doll!

Laurel Plum Online said...

Aren't you super clever! With kid charming talent like that, you must let us know what you are planning ahead of time for the rest of the holidays so we can all steal them, I mean get some idea inspiration!