Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Temporary Digs...

Here's a glimpse of our temporary kitchen...
Our dining room made temporary kitchen/pantry...all the banging has done a number on those pics hanging huh?

All the banging has set the pictures off kilter just a smidge.
So the dining room has become our eat in kitchen.  We packed up the entire contents of the kitchen. Some shelving was moved into the dining room for a temporary pantry and to store basic cooking utensils and plates etc.  Our trusty Ikea table from the butler's pantry is now our prep station.  Thanks to the kindness of family and friends we have a griddle and a hot plate that has seen a lot of action.  Along with our microwave, slow cooker and grill we're managing to cook meals just fine.

What is the most annoying thing about the temporary kitchen? 
Anything involving water. 
Washing and draining pasta...making coffee all are more complicated now.  But let's take a moment of gratitude here.  It is merely an annoyance.  We are renovating our kitchen NOT living in a developing country.  I think we'll manage just fine.
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