Saturday, February 9, 2013

Castle of Cabinets

The cabinets arrived under the cover of darkness. I was so excited.  It was really happening now.  We're getting a new kitchen! The delivery guys decided to drive their big rig into our front yard to bring the cabinets into the house.  Most of you know how our front [cough, cough] yard looks.  Well 18 wheels later it is much prettier (please note the snarky remark).

Where does one put a kitchen full of cabinets before they are installed in your actual kitchen, you may ask? Well, in our house they were put in our living room.

Kitchen Cabinets arrived last night...prize to the person who can guess what Anna is watching!

Big prize for anyone who can guess what show Anna is watching.

Well, Kenny and John arrived on December 30th ready to install all those pretty cabinets.  And all seemed fine.

Cabinets are going in..eventually...ran into a snafu that will slow things down.

Until it was discovered that one cabinet was going to be too big for the way the plumbing and install was planned on the contractor's end.  Our Kitchen Designer worked with us to return that cabinet and order a new smaller sized cabinet to replace it.  Almost everything else would have to wait until that cabinet arrived.  We were told it would be expedited and to expect it in two weeks. 

That was a month ago...grrrr.

But in the mean time we've had a new window installed.


I've also painted a ton of trim.  And during a visit from my parents my dad and I scraped, sanded, and primed old trim that had peeling latex on top of enamel paint.

Scraping Collage

And we had a paint color dilemma.
Most of the time if you were to pick up a multiple color swatch at a paint store and asked the Professor and I which color we preferred, he would chose the lightest color and I would go to the darkest color.  Trying to avoid crazy indecision we met in the middle and chose this color:

Color of the kitchen walls...who comes up with these names?  I want that job!

"Desert Hotsprings".
I demand to know who gets paid to sit around naming paint colors!  I want that job.
Well, it turns out that "Desert Hotsprings" looked a little too country for our tastes with the new stain on the kitchen floor.  Then the Professor surprised me.  He suggested this color...
 This my dear friends is Sherwin Williams "Frolic"(again with the names...Frolic...really?).  Frolic is on the dark end...the bright end...the sunglasses are required end and yet, he picked it.  And I, believe it or not, argued with him.  Okay.  That part is believable.   I didn't run to the paint store immediately like I had fantasized I would if he ever went there.  But eventually I did and when they mixed that color I had to admit I was nervous.

Once it got on the walls though, I was hooked.  I wanted to frolic in the kitchen.  I can't wait to frolic in the kitchen...soon.

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