Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Paddy!

In January of 1987 if you would have predicted that I would be married to and have two adorable children with the wonderfully complex man that I call Paddy I do believe I would have been quite surprised. The man I wooed with Hostess Ding Dongs finally, after seven years of dating, decided he might want to spend the rest of his life with me. There have been over twenty birthdays we have celebrated together, me and my renaissance man. We're closing in on being together longer than we have been single. During this time we have witnessed the best in each other and the worst in each other. And through it all we honor the commitment we made to one another in 1993. So here's to Patrick who challenges me to be my best whether I like it not...who has given me opportunities to see the world...who has loved me to the best of his ability through my not so gracious stretches...and who continues to hold my hand in our little house in this little town. I'm so glad you were born 43 years ago today. Good job Ceil and Dan. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
Happy Birthday Patrick
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Anonymous said...

Lovely, Kelly. And Happy Birthday, Patrick.