Sunday, January 11, 2009


Is it a new word for some of you? It's one of my faves and I use it whenever I have the chance (I wish Jonathan were here so I could hear him say his famous quote...sorry, inside joke). We were given the chance when the Miller's of Indianapolis visited their family in Columbia, South Carolina during the holidays. Kismet brought us together, for on their way home they have passed the Clinton exit year after year. This year was different however. Given that their good friends, namely us, were now living in Clinton they mapquested us and took that exit. It was our good fortune to have them hang out with us for the day. The boys got to try out Gav's new Nerf gun set. The safety goggles make the picture don't you think?
My creation
We got to see Grace's new fangled buttons. After oooing and ahhing over her artistic creations, we all had a yummy lunch made by the Soup and Bread King himself, Patrick Kiley. On the menu was a fabulous red lentil soup from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home. If you don't have this cookbook I highly recommend it. Yummy easy recipes that are actually healthy too! Who knew that could actually be the case?

I got to give my good girlfriend Ellen a quick tour of the town and the houses we haven't bought. We both decided we'd make great neighbors. I have yet ("yet" being the operative word) to convince them that moving down here is the right thing to do for their family.

I pulled out the camera after lunch knowing that I wanted to get them on the blog. Their high schooler, Grace, one of my favorite teenagers, doesn't like the camera. Please accept my humble apology my dear Grace for sneaking a blurry picture of you. A photo of you with your hand in front of your face just wouldn't commemorate your visit here to our little house. Did you know I was a fortune teller too Grace?
My creation

Well the afternoon was coming to a close and my camera was acting up. I rarely get in front of the camera but had to get a photo of me and Ellen. She has literally stuck with me through thick and thin. I love her like a sister. In fact, I am officially making her my older sister as of this post! I've always longed for an older sister and never had the chance, uh, given that I was the oldest in my family. So here's to you big sis...lylas!
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